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    Great visit (for a doctor visit :-). Minimal time spent in waiting room, and efficient vitals and medication review by nurse. The doctor was running a little late, and the staff came in to let me know, and checked on me a little later with an update.
    When Dr. Mihu came in she was very pleasant, and talked about what my issue was. We reviewed the timeline for my complaint, then she asked me questions on the rest of my medical history to see if there were any possible links (there weren't) to my complaint.
    She showed me my x-rays, and explained what they were showing. Once done, we talked about the path forward and what and when the next steps will be taken.
    In summary - great staff, kept me in the loop my entire visit. Dr. Mihu was very personable and explained everything that was (and will) happening. While I'm not looking forward to another visit (again, who LIKES doctor visits?), I AM very pleased and impressed with Dr. Mihu, and I'm very glad that I am under her care.
    David B


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