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    Dr. Mihu, her assistant Cassandra, and the sweet lady who checked me in at the front desk all must have angel wings under their scrubs because each touched my life and helped to save it. Tho my new ins plan starts 1/1/2021, I was able to get in a couple days before - who allows that?! For a year I had been sent from doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor when I had tried to get help from my Kelsey Seybold group. Was finally told I had "fibromyalgia, go to the internet to learn how to live with it. Come back in two months." No treatment plan, nothing. I found Dr. Mihu on my new plan list. Well, that was a God thing. She has saved my life. I DO NOT have fibromyalgia. She gave me the right dx. While it's not curable, she said we can work to get to a point that I can start quilting and crafting again. I broke down in tears right there - Dr. Mihu had found the answer. Two days later I am actually doing better because she gave me hope (and an injection instead of a pill, which made such a difference). Dr. Mihu is sooo intelligent, observant, and perceptive, but most of all she has a rare empathy you don't see a lot of in a specialists/doctors of any kind. Every doctor in the world should aspire to be like Dr. Mihu. She shines like the sun in my opinion. Thank you for saving my life Dr. Mihu.
    Darla W


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