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  • This was my first time to see Dr. Mihu, she was not rushed and very thorough with her exam. Thank you, Dr. Mihu
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  • Dr. Mihu was very through in explaining the results of my Bone Density test. She also explained to my satisfaction what was required going forward with my treatment plan.
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  • Great Physician !
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  • Dr. Mihu was very thorough and complete in her assessment of my condition. She has a superb bedside manner and never appeared rushed.
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  • Dr. Michu took time to go over my full history. I was shocked that she had already reviewed my test results and medical history before she arrived. We had a long conversation about next steps. She was kind and listened to all of my symptoms and asked the right questions. I felt very comfortable and ...
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  • Dr. Mihu is always courteous and very caring. I like the time she spends with her patients. She always finds ways to help you all she could.
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  • Dr. Mihu and her staff are great! All there are extremely professional and attend to details, answering all questions and tracking all issues across time. Highly recommend!
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  • Dr. MIhu is extremely patient and knowledgeable. She takes her time, and answers all questions. She never seems to be in a rush, which is most appreciated.
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  • Dr. Mihu listened and cared about the symptoms and the pain I was in. She heard what several other rheumatologist did not and is actively trying to fix the problem. I felt from my first appointment she was a sharp cookie and I will continue to see her and refer others.
    Healthgrades 391768Healthgrades
  • The best experience I have ever had with a doctor. Dr. Mihu spent a considerable amount of time discussing my issues and explained things very clearly. She clearly cares about her patients and is extremely thorough. Great doctor!
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